Ordering a Custom document

Are you in need of a custom designed document, want to have your logo on a document, a modified free document or a document that is not available for download? We create documents, mostly in pdf format on request. You pay securely and conveniently with your PayPal account or VISA / MasterCard and within minutes, download your custom documents.

Are you interested in a price proposal, please complete the form below. Describe in detail your request for the document content and click Send. You can attach a draft file in the form at the bottom of the page.

A few days after sending your inquiry your will get a draft and the opportunity to make changes on the final document. Once your satisfied with the result, you will recieve an email with a purchase link. Once you pay for your document, you will recieve another email with your reciept and download link. You have no obligation to purchase the document you ordered, but once you’ve made the payment, you can no longer cancel your purchase or get a refund. So make sure that the document meets your expectations before you purchase it!

Avarage price for a custom made document is $ 45-$ 75.

Ordering a document with logo

Here you can easily get your own logo or watermark on a document. Any logo is placed at the top left corner, if nothing else is requested. If you rather want to logo to be placed elsewhere, please make note of placement in the message field of the contact form below. If you want a watermark (image or text) please make note of alignment and appearance (degree of rotation, size, printable etc.). Do not forget to specify the documents you want your logo.
Please note, that the resolution never can be better than the resolution of the image you give us. We prefer filetype pdf, png or jpg.

A few days after sending your logo, you will recieve an email with draft and a purchase link. Once you pay for your document, you will recieve another email with your reciept and download link.

Price for getting your own logo on a document? Only $10 (+ cost for the document of choice: $10, $15 or $20)

Request new download link

Have you purchased a document but not received an email with the download link? The most common reason is that wrong e-mail address has been entered at purchase. You should receive your receipt within 5 minutes, but may take longer if there is heavy load on the servers. First, check that the email is not in your spam folder. To request sending download link again, please contact us using the form below and click Send. Enter the purchaser’s name, order date and order total in the notification area! Note that sending download link is done manually and thus can take up to 48 hours before receive a reply.



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