Purchasing a PDF document

You buy a document by adding the documents you want to buy (free or full version) into the shopping cart. If you have a dicount code, enter the code in the cart. Note that you can only use one voucher per purchase! Then click “Checkout” and follow the instructions to complete the purchase. Once you have paid you will receive an email with a link to download the document(s) you purchased.
To open the document(s) you need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

The free versions have a watermark and do not have form fields, and you will therefor not be able to fill in the document on screen. The full version have no limitations (Reader Enabled) , but note that your version of Adobe might have restrictions on what you are able to do with the document.

Have you not received a download link after a purchase?

Check your spam folder. Are you still missing the e-mail, it may be due to either a operational disturbance on a mail server, or you entered the wrong e-mail address at the time of purchase. See the Contact page for how to request the download link again.

Does not the “Download” link on your online receipt work?

It may be that you have already clicked on the link once already. An error message will appear if you have already used the link maximum number of times.

Are you not able to save or open the document?

It could be because you do not have accurate software or the wrong settings so that your browser and / or firewall prevents the opening / saving of the document. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the technical standard required to download, view and use the documents. For PDF files, you need a program that can handle *. Pdf files, such as the free Adobe Reader. There are two different versions of the PDF documents, Free and Full. The free version does not have the ability to save, change or fill in any form data. To use the template you must print a copy and fill in the form with a pen.
The full version does not have any restrictions. However, your version av Acrobat might have limited features.

Do you believe there is anything technically wrong with the document you purchased, please go to Contact and fill in the contact form and describe the technical error. Limitations and/or restrictions in the document due to your software is not considered a technical error! Any compensation due to a technical error comes in the form of discounts. Example of a technical error may be that you received a different document than the one you purchased.